Shaun of the Dead: in-Depth Code Analysis Essay

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Shaun of Dead

An In-Depth Code Analysis

With the large variety of interests that flourish within the society, it is no shock that genres exist, especially in film, as the definition of entertainment differs from person to person. A genre is a category of films that are characterised by similarities in the narrative elements and conventions found within the films. Genres are extremely useful to both film producers and audiences as it helps them narrow down the target audience and search for films that are in their range of interests. No one wants to watch a political drama overrun with teenagers or go into a cinema with the intentions of watching a romantic comedy, only to receive blood and gore instead.

However, because of the
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The silhouettes of the zombie hands against the light coming through the windows had a spooky and mysterious effect because neither the characters nor the audience can see the zombies, but they know they’re there. This is a well-known image from other zombie movies (including Dawn of the Dead), so it is easy to understand the significance of it while at the same time; it relates Shaun of the Dead to other zombie movies.

Another scene that is a good example of the use of lighting in Shaun of the Dead is when David switches the lights rapidly in a futile attempt to cut off the power. This heightens the feeling of panic as David’s frantic attempts does not only fail, but it catches the attention of the zombie horde outside the pub, alerting them of the existence of live human flesh inside and sending them into a frenzy. The presence of glaring light smack dab in the faces of the zombies gives the audience a good look at the ragged, bloody beings, which intensifies the zombie’s gruesome image. Their arms are thrown up in the air, grasping for the light with hunger evident on their faces, warning the audience that the horde is now even more determined to infiltrate the pub. However, the motion of the horde’s waving arms can also elicit a humorous response from the audience as they look as if they’re dancing at a concert, with the flashing lights acting as club-esque disco lights.

Sound is

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