Shark Dissection Essay

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During this year, I learned much about animals from the dissections. I dissected a cow's eye, a dogfish shark, an owl pellet and a flower. In each, I learned a lot about that animal. In the cow’s eye, I learned how a cow sees things. During the shark dissection, I learned the different parts of the shark that I never knew about. In the owl pellet dissection, I learned what the owl eats and how it eats using the parts that are left. I never knew that much about the inside of a flower. I never knew that they had genders or where they kept things like the eggs. I learned a lot from these few dissections about each animal. During the dissections I thought that it would be gross but for some of them, they aren’t that bad. From these dissections, most of what I learned was about their lifestyle and the way they lived. For example, during the cow’s eye, I learned how the cow sees and how we are similar and different with vision. The shark dissection, I learned the origins of a shark and what each part does. In the owl pellet, I …show more content…
Most cows live in farms while sharks live in the ocean and the owls live in forests or where there are lots of trees.They each also consume different animals or different needs that are meant to be required for survival. What we had dissected were from different parts of an organism. For example, the owl pellet was it’s leftovers and the shark is the whole shark. The cow's eye was how the cow sees while the plant is mainly about the inside of the plant. Many of these animals can help us with our lives as well. Like our eyes, we have much of the same factors except that we have more eye muscles. Looking at these dissections, they can help us with our lives and help us figure more about us. As you can see, I have learned a lot and found many similarities and differences with these four living organisms from dissections. I think that dissections can help one's knowledge about whatever they are

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