Sharing Leadership As A Community Theater Group : Filling The Leadership Role

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Journal Article Analysis: Communications 320
Kramer’s 2006 study “Sharing Leadership in a Community Theater Group: Filling the Leadership Role” explores the communication methods utilized by individuals in a setting in where shared leadership would seem to be vital for group success. As background for his study, Kramer notes that throughout history, leadership studies have focused almost solely on individual leaders within groups or organizations, hardly ever exploring organizational structures in which leadership is being shared among constituents. Additionally, he points out that the few studies that do broach the topic of shared leadership, still don’t delve into the communication events behind this sharing of power. Kramer, in attempting to learn more behind this style of communication critical to shared leadership, adopts an ethnographic style of study, and infiltrates a local theater production company to observe the numerous types of leadership that are present within the group event. Through taking numerous notes, and conducting a series of interviews after production of the play had finished, Kramer was able to draw a number of conclusions about the sharing of leadership in groups. Contrasting with the generally assumed modes of leadership, Kramer’s study unintentionally revolved around a passive primary leader who allowed secondary leaders to assume basically full control of the production. In these somewhat rare and different circumstances Kramer…

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