Shakespeare's Poem Tone

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“The course of true love never did run smooth” - William Shakespeare. Love can be depicted in many distinct ways, and it is the culmination of all of our emotions. It can be verbalized through sorrow, jubilance, and even fury. Throughout the years, many remarkable poets have been able to express their feelings through their work. It has not only inspired many, but the bulk of these pieces of work has made history. Despite the fact their poems may have been about love, it was never expressed the same way. William Shakespeare described love to have painful emotional and physical consequences, Edgar Allan Poe never thought love was possible after he lost all the women he ever cared about and was neglected by all the male figures in his life. Lana …show more content…
It not only helps describe the theme of their work, but it helps translate what they are trying to say. In Shakespeare’s poem “My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun” the tone of the poem is very mocking such as the speaker is taunting this woman for not being perfect. Consequently, in the other two poems the tone is very somber and gloomy as these two poets describe how much they miss their lost loved ones. Situations can change quicker than you think, even with poetry. All of these poems have different shifts at different points. Shakespeare’s poem has a shift at the very end when he changes from his rude mocking tone, to being loving and happy towards his lady. In Poe’s poem the shift happens once Annabel Lee becomes sick, the tone and the attitude shift from happy to somberness. “Dark Paradise” has shifted all throughout the poem going back and forth from moving on to being stuck with her true love. The overall themes of these poems are all about love. There are different types of love that a person can feel. In Annabel Lee and Dark Paradise it is a somber love that is longing for happiness again. Shakespeare's poem is mocking and happy love about his woman who isn't perfect. Even though these poems may not be exactly alike, they all share a love in common. Love is such a vivid emotion because there is such a wide range of how you can express it. Love is endless and love is very much

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