Sexuality Is An Area Of Research And Study Essay

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Introduction Human Sexuality is an area of research and study focusing on all aspects of humans as sexual beings. One of the most important concepts to study is sexuality to increase one’s knowledge of the subject. Our sexual bodies are all different in some shape or form, and no two human beings are alike. I took this course to understand my relationships with other peers better, and to gain knowledge about social structures and about human relationships. Culture makes a big impact on each and every one’s sexuality. Our sexuality is based on what our culture allows and doesn 't allow us to do. Some cultures allow us to express our sexality more, and others try to suppress it. The benefit of this exercise is to allow me to explore where I get my morals and attitudes from and to better understand these issues, and how it made me the person who I am today.
Discussion of Sexuality Issues I have chose the following three topics because I feel that they are the most important and relevant in our society. Male and female circumcision, is a controversial topic that many doctors and patients feel differently upon, it is important to me because I feel like people should have a choice in whether or not they want to be circumcised or not. Another topic I have chosen is the issue of Virginity because it is something that is relevant in my life, and I feel that people are being put on some sort of totem pole based upon their sexual experiences which is wrong. My final topic was Sex…

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