Chiron's Sexuality And Identity In Moonlight By Berry Synthesis

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Moonlight is an American movie released in 2016 written by Berry Jenkins. It represents the difficulties of the main character under the name of “Chiron” with his own sexuality and identity in three stages in his life: little, Chiron and Black. When he was a kid he grew up with an abusive mother, he was neglected and felt alone. Than when he became an adolescent always angry and always fighting with his mother and his friends that they hit him most of the time. He felt inferior and weak with them. He was living insecure. Being an adult was a step forward when he changed 360 degrees and became a person with a self-realization. He became a black with a body builder looking rich with a high self-esteem. He was looking like a criminal ready to …show more content…
This ideology represents three claims. First, growing up black in an American society. Second, the negative aspects of masculinity: being gay. Third, the revenge of Chiron in his adulthood from his childhood: from being little and always scared to a powerful man in his look and actions.

First of all, “people often forget how lonely it is to be a child.”(Zeigler, 2016). Growing up a black guy in Miami was painful to Chiron. He was struggling to define and accept his own sexuality. He wasn’t sure if he is really gay or not. Chiron lived it his childhood isolated, “wondering and wanting for things he cannot express because he do not know them yet.”(Zeigler, 2016). People found a weakness in him, always hating himself that he can’t express it to anyone. It reflects the way young lives with a neglected childhood: always weak, afraid, and lonely. In “the guardian” article, the writer of the film Jenkins claims: “I think American society forces black men to support themselves to have to go out into the world and provide for themselves and survive. Again, the
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It was one of the best movie that break the stereotypes and highlighted issues that should practice without hesitation. Being a black in America should be a strong ready to fight able to protect himself. Being gay means that you has an imperfection and couldn’t have a place in society that will fit in you. But sometimes and some people hide their sexual orientation to be able to fit in the society and people be proud of you same as Chiron did.
In the film, we analyzed the representation of gender, class, race and sexuality presented in the story: a black poor man suffered of being black in the society in his childhood and then a rich man being black acting as all man

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