Black Skin White Masks Analysis

Black Skin, White Masks by Frantz Fanon focuses on the psyche of people of color in a white world. The book basically explores what goes through the mind of black people and whites under conditions that have been set by white rule. It mainly expounds on the effects of racism on black people and the society in general. A thorough analysis of the book reveals multiple themes that are echoed throughout the text. This essay will focus on some of the themes in the book.
In the introduction, Fanon states that “the black man wants to be white” (Fanon 3). Based on his life experiences, he believed that some black people desired to be white because the white man enjoyed more privileges compared to the black man. People of color in turn wanted to be
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Throughout the book, he does not primarily aim at providing knowledge but rather highlighting the sense of urgency that is necessary for people to be free. He believes that people of color can be liberated if they take steps towards liberating themselves, and if the society is transformed for the betterment of everyone (2).
Black Skin, White Masks offers a fresh and unique perspective on racism in line with a racist society. Fanon believes that due to racism, black people end up desiring to be white. In this case, whiteness is associated with power and privileges hence black people desire to be white so that they can also enjoy the privileges. The racist society also leaves black people in a state where they need the recognition or approval of whites for them to feel accomplished. Fanon has clearly elaborated on how the racist society promotes a hierarchy which places white people at the top in which they are regarded as superior whereas people of color are at the bottom, which makes them to feel inferior. Fortunately, Fanon believes that the problems can be addressed if people analyze the present and the past, and focus on changing the future. He further emphasizes that black people have the power to secure their own freedom, but the society also has to be transformed in a way that it accommodates everyone regardless of

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