Sexuality, A Group Of Hunter And Gatherers Essay

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Sexuality in the !Kung Situated in remote parts of Africa, live a group of hunter and gatherers, known as the !Kung. They are a nomadic people who build huts near water sources and spend most the day in search of food. Whenever resources run out, they move. Because the villages they set up are only temporary, they construct rudimentary dwellings that offer little to no privacy. Children are often exposed to their parents lovemaking, and as a result, their curiosity awakens, manifesting itself in their play. Parents and children sleep together in small one-room huts that have no partitions or separators, and even share the same blankets (Shostak, 1981, p. 95). This makes it very difficult for parents to make love without their children noticing. Though they would prefer not to expose their children to their sexual activity, finding a private place and time without their children is difficult. Instead, parents wait until their children are asleep before engaging in sex. Being the curious creatures that children are, many of them make a conscious effort to stay awake, though pretending to sleep, hoping to get a glimpse of their parents lovemaking. This early sexual curiosity and awareness "flourish in the unrestricted free time that makes up much of the !Kung child 's day (Shostak, 1981, p. 95). During the day, parents leave to scavenge for food. Children, except for the very young, are often left behind for efficiency. Adults can cover more ground and travel greater…

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