Sexual Objectification Of Women

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The dictionary definition of objectification is: The action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object. Sexual Objectification is defined as: The act of treating someone degradingly for your own sexual desire. Women have been portrayed by the media as objects of desire. In consequence to this, young women of today’s society possess a heavy burden on them to look a certain way, or to dress a certain way in order to “fit in” or so they can appear to be “normal.” The rationale as to why women are more objectified and deemed less valuable than men can be dated back to history when they are seen as nothing but housewives, caretakers, and mothers. Men were the only ones providing for the whole family. Many of the reasons as to why this happens …show more content…
and that whoever does good gets them as rewards. Men have believed from centuries that being manly enough gets them “the girl”. Many TV shows and movies often show us that when a man wins something, all the girls come to his side as a prize of achieving whatever he achieves. This can often lead to men making women feel like accessories because that’s what they come off as when they lust after them just for their achievements (Picture shown below). We are taught from watching TV that girls are lusted after by boys, and they do everything in their power to get them. When they do, it’s as if a victory occurred. It seems as if it is cute, funny, charming, but in reality it is completely destructive, objectifying, and dehumanizing. It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way society has worked in where male have always been dominant; whereas females have been the submissive, easy-going characters always there to take care of anyone. Many TV shows tend to show us that the popular, rude females always get together with the cute jock, and the nerdy, friendly girl no one even cares for. This shows that guys don’t get together with someone for their personality, but rather for their looks. It’s difficult for people to understand what another person’s wants and needs are. There’s many reasons as to why men act out in a dominant way, one of the reasons consisting of when women don’t act a certain way to please them, especially when they fight back. Although this helps sometimes, other times the men get abusive and start mistreating women and abusing them. This is coercive, controlling, and wholly damaging to an entire gender. People should be treated with respect and empathy, not dehumanized and objectified. The effect media has on society impacts the world around us by a lot. The best thing we can do is try to represent women positively and confidently, rather than showing

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