Sexual Harassment And The Workplace Essay

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There are many different forms of harassment in the workplace. For example, it can be sexual, gender, or racial discrimination. The focus of this paper is to analyze sexual harassment and its relation to power. Sexual harassment in the workplace has existed since the entrance of women into this setting. The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. Women were undermined and considered unworthy of many positions. Therefore, men in superior positions took advantage of their power. Ultimately, workplaces had to establish stricter rules to provide a safe workplace for women.
The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is responsible for enforcing laws that deal with any type of discrimination. This commission applies to sexual harassment because it can be classified as discrimination through the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act because minorities are considered a protected class. It is often minorities that are on the receiving end of the harassment. Title VII gave minorities the rights to equal opportunity employment (Corbin & Duvall, 2015). Corbin and Duvall also examine the discrimination of women in different scenarios, such as pregnancy (2015). These were some of the groundbreaking employment legislation of the past.
The nature of sexual harassment in the workplace is very complex and sometimes difficult to discern. Individuals have varying opinions of what sexual…

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