Sexual Assault Safety Alerts For College Apartments, River And House Flooding And The Unthinkable Death Of Bjorn Norderhaug

922 Words Sep 29th, 2016 4 Pages
After two reported sexual assault safety alerts, attempted unauthorized entry in college apartments, river and house flooding and the unthinkable death of Bjorn Norderhaug, we are a community that has suffered through a lot of tragedies. We are a community that is still grieving and for some still in shock from such events. It can be hard to continue on with our lives when we are aware of such loses. It’s as if with a drop of a hat we can become sad when we think about what the Luther College and Decorah community has gone through in such a short time period, and I want to say if no one has already, that it is okay to be sad. These are sad a tragic events some of which have been so repetitive in our community that we feel somewhat helpless, though we are not. It is natural to feel these feelings after such events. Sadness, shock, suffering, grief, anxiety, anger and guilt are all feelings that we have after tragedies. Even though these feelings are not ideal we will feel them and it will take time to recover. Allow yourself to feel because it takes time to heel. In the moments of sadness I have to remind myself of these things. I believe that we will move forward as a community and will learn and grow from these tragedies but it will take time for us heel…but in the process, we are allowed to grieve, talk about it, be a friend to others, baby ourselves and support each other. Since receiving the news of the Bjorn’s death I myself have been reflecting to myself and with…

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