Sexual Assault Has Become A Major Issue On College Campuses Essay

1378 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
I understand that "rape ' ' is uncomfortable word to say, however we need to continue saying it . So STOP being uncomfortable with talking about and understanding rape. When you sit there and just act like it doesn’t exist just to make yourself feel better, your just as bad as the perpetrator. Knowledge is the key to everything in my opinion and if we can learn about the problem maybe we can solve it. Sexual assault has become a major issue on college campuses and many people will never know, because they pretend it doesn’t happen. Sexual assaults are very underreported mostly because of shame, fear and victim blaming. If students even speak about sexual assaults I 'm very sure that their thoughts automatically goes to a woman, however little do they know there are men on campus who have also been sexually assaulted.

When most people imagine college, I think they have these major stereotypes about college students and how college would be. They imagine amazing fraternity parties and wild nights at the bars. They never seem to think about the issues that can arise from living on campus. One major issue is sexual assault, about 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted before the end of their college career (Fisher). These "amazing fraternity parties" that most people have stereotypes about can very much lead to someone becoming a victim of sexual assault. According to "There is a Serious Problem with Sexual Assault on College Campuses" 11.1% of women sexually assaulted have…

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