Sexual Assault Cause And Effect Essay

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When an individual has been sexually assaulted the victim will take it day by day to get through it. It is always important to take care of yourself right away when being sexually assaulted. Taking immediate action right after the assault is important and number one key to getting things done right. When being sexually assaulted the victim should always be sure to not shower but go to the doctor so the physical evidence can be collected from the victim. Many of the victims won’t want to press charges against the attacker because of fear but doing so might just be the right way to help other girls from being victimized themselves.
Consent is a big part of sexual assault. When not giving consent to the situation it becomes a sexual assault situation. Sexual assault happens when either the victim says “no” or is impaired by drugs or alcohol. Not being aware of what’s going on can be considered sexual assault. If the victim feels threatened or intimidated by the aggressor the situation turns around. This means that the person is being forced into doing something they don’t want to.
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Even the biggest or most strongest person can be torn down because of this. Many studies show that sexual assault has occurred a lot during the college experience. College students are more likely to be victimized. Many sexual assaults happen mostly at night when people go out clubbing or late night weekend. A major risk factor when going through sexual assault is having a long history of dating violence. This is a major risk factor because it may even happen with the victims partner not only with a person that the victim may not know. If the victim doesn’t condone to a situation taking place even with the partners consent it could be considered sexual assault depending on how the situation happened and what took

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