Sexual Abuse : Every Breath You Take, By The Police Essays

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There are many types of abuse in relationships. First, there are physical abuse. Then, emotional or verbal abuse. Next, there is financial and digital abuse. Lastly, there is a sexual abuse. In the song,”Every Breath You Take,” by The Police, there is one type of abuse in the song, but first, here are some info about the song. To begin, the song is misinterpreted a lot, a different meaning than other songs and has not really affected the influence on teen relationships. To end, the song,”Every Breath You Take,” is a perfect example of relationship abuse.
“Every Breath You Take,” a song written by The Police, has many interpretations to it. To begin, many listeners mistaken the song for a romantic song. Listeners think it is about a guy loving a girl so much that he will go to the extent of watching her every second of the day. The song has an upbeat to it, which is another reason why many listeners thinks,” Every Breath You Take,” is a positive and loving song. Not to mention that some listeners even used the song for their weddings. In reality, the lyrics are words of an obsessive stalker. Sting, The Police’s lead singer, wrote the song after separating from his wife and then marrying right after. This raised suspicion in the media because they thought that Sting was having an affair. As a result, Sting relocated to his Caribbean house, where he started writing the song. What he wrote is what he felt about the media in his relationship. Sting sings,”Every breath you take…

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