Sexual Abuse And Sexual Behavior Essay example

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Sexual abuse is common in schools today with most children becoming the victims. The sexual orientation of children determines their sexual behaviors. The term sexual abuse refers to an act of forcing someone to engage in undesired sexual behavior. A child can be said to have been sexually abused if they are forced to participate in sexual activities. This paper provides a response to the concerns of the boys’ teacher explaining to her if the boys’ behaviors is an indication of sexual abuse. It also covers the boys’ sexual orientation, and recommendations to the teacher based on health promotion of sexual development by parents and schools.
Whether the boys’ behavior is an indication of sexual abuse
To begin with, the behavior shown by Kyle and Brandon is a common scenario that is experienced in some schools. To many people, like in this case the boys’ teacher, such behavior raises questions concerning the signs of sexual abuse among young children. Also, the boys’ behavior leaves many wondering if homosexuality manifest in the early stages of childhood development. However, since the boys are both aged five, it is extremely difficult to draw a firm conclusion. In the case of Kyle and Brandon, what these boys are experiencing is sexual exploration and this is normal in their age group. In his theory of psychosexual development, Sigmund Freud explains the five stages which include the phallic stage (Rathus, 2013). In this stage, children aged between three and six, begin to…

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