I Want To Teach My Child About Sex By W. Wendt

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I Want to Teach my Child About Sex by Dr. Karl and Shannon Wendt is a step by step book on how parents should prepare and execute the talk about sex with their children. From a traditional Christian perspective, the authors lead the parents through courage building, researching, the initial talk and continued education.
This book begins with the authors pointing out the fact that this can be a very awkward time for parents and helping them build up the courage to begin this extremely necessary dialogue. There is also a survey to help parents better evaluate their individual strengths and weakness going in to this dialogue. It is also stated that parents have a God given obligation to talk to their kids about sex and related topics such as
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This chapter strongly emphasizes parental modeling and gender roles. The book says that to be a good role model the adult must be God fearing. The authors clearly say that you should want your children to learn anything from someone who does not fit that mold. It goes on the say that boys should learn how to be men from their dads and girls, women from their mother. It goes on to say that the children should learn about the opposite sex by how the same sex parent interacts with the opposite sex parent. So boys learn how to treat women by watching how their dad treats their mother. The opposite works for girls. After this the authors begin to state strict, nonnegotiable gender roles. They claim that men should be providers, and stern. They are the heads of the household and the upholder/defender of god’s commands/will. They also claim that a problem men face is their lustful nature and addiction to pornography. Moving towards women, being supportive, forgiving, loving, and patient are discussed as requirements of being good women. They claim that women have modesty issues. The authors claim that girls should watch the way they dress because it is poison to men and men can control themselves. Towards the end of this section the authors do a good job at explaining to parents why thing like self-esteem, and a …show more content…
For example, the rose game that they play with teen. In this game they sit in a circle and pass a rose around. Each person takes off a petal. The rose begins as beautiful and full and ends up as just the stem. This metaphor is linked to people. The authors imply that the more sex u have the less special it gets, the more tainted the person gets, and the less desirable the person gets. This is completely asinine. As a people that worship a forgiving god, it should not matter how many times you have sex. A person should still view themselves in a positive light and should also be viewed by others in the same way. This book also promotes strict traditional gender roles. It subjects children to this strict binary system with no alternatives or grey areas. Men should be leaders (spiritually and worldly) and strong. Women should submissive, supportive, and take care of home. This way of thinking is completely barbaric and sets the human race back a couple hundred years

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