Essay on Sexting, The Media, Its On Social Media

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Its in the news, its on social media, its on cell phones. “Sexting” is just one way that many people engage in sexual activity. Sexting is sending and/or receiving sexually explicit photos through messages on their cell phone or through social media. Many Americans today, especially teenagers, are familiar with sexting, however, may not be familiar with the psychology behind sexting; why do we want to do it, what does it makes us feel, and what are the consequences of sexting. Anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of American teenagers actively engage in sexting today. Due to the rising number of teens who do engage in sexting, studies have been done to discover when the correlation is, if any, between sexting and engaging in sexual activity.
According to one study, there is a positive correlation between between teens who send sexually explicit photos and engaging in sexual activity. Teens who send sexts to other people have a much greater chance of becoming sexually active within one year. However, the study indicates that there is no correlation between receiving sexual explicit photos and becoming sexually active. The average age teens begin to engage in sexting is around 16 or 17 years of age. There are many reasons teens name as to why they sext. Some teens sext because they believe it is a safer alternative to actually having sex. Sex itself is bound to make teenagers curious, making many teens want to explore and experiment sexually. Some teens may sext just out of…

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