Essay about Sexism Starts With A Dress Code

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Misogyny Starts with a Dress Code School dress codes started with a simple goal: to keep students safe and undistracted in a learning environment. However, many schools have taken this policy to the extreme. Hundreds of girls are sent home and humiliated each day at school for wearing shorts or a tank top in the summer season. Many female students are not permitted to wear tighter jeans, despite their youthful age. The strictly enforced dress codes in schools are extremely harmful to a young girl 's self-worth because the over-sexualization of their bodies leads to an increase in misogyny and sexism. To begin, the enforcement of a girl 's dress code obstructs a young woman 's ability to learn in judgmental school environments. At many schools across the country, a student who violates the dress code is taken out of the classroom and forced to acquire new clothing. For example, at Devil 's Lake High School, in North Dakota, includes the policy, "For every period missed, they will have to sit in a one hour detention" (Ellis). Young women all across the United States are being forced to leave classrooms purely based on the clothes they wear and the objectification of their bodies. Including detentions, hours of potential learning opportunities are stolen from young girls of all ages, lowering their test scores and overall grades. This biased nature of dress code enforcement is even reducing many school 's funding because the loss of a classroom education is causing…

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