Sexism, Prejudice, And Discrimination Against Women Essay example

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Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination against women, on the basis of sex. For hundreds of thousands of years, men have thought to be superior. From being the head of the household, to earning more in the workplace, women have always been suppressed. Even in present day, women are still looked down on, and treated as if they are less than equal to men. Sexism occurs all over the world in many different forms. Often times women are seen as weak and only useful for cleaning and taking care of children. Not only is it very common in the workplace, it is also in our schools, the media, and even in our own homes. As a matter of fact, sexism occurs so frequently that many people don’t realize that it is a form of discrimination. Young people are often told these terms such as, “You hit like a girl.”, and “Man up!” . These phrases make people feel as if they are supposed to act a certain way because of what their physical bodies are,or think in a definite way. Sexism needs to be eradicated because, women are degraded or not given the appreciation that they deserve in the workplace, it is portrayed in the media as if it’s acceptable, and society 's standards for women are unrealistic.
Throughout history sexism has been alive and well. But it has become more open in the workplace. Usually women are either being paid less than their male co-workers, or they are being harassed usually, sexually. In most cases women will experience sexually harassment in the workplace and…

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