Synthesis Essay On Equal Pay

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What determines our amount of pay? Should it be our age? How about our social standings? Should our sex enable us from equal pay, or should the quality of our work speak for the quantity of pay deserved by both men and women? With so many employers underpaying women for doing the identical job as their male counterpart and receiving less pay. Women are subjected to believing their efforts are not valued as much as their male coworkers. We are paid less money to do the same job, receive no pay for maternity leave, and women minorities are offered even less than that of white women. In todays world it is no secret that women are still resilient in the work place. As women climb the ladder to reach the top of their profession, they are constantly …show more content…
Sophia Kerby, a Policy associate at the Brennan Center for Justice states “African American women and Latinas in the United States are paid $18,817 and $23,298 less than non Hispanic white men yearly.” (The Wage gap and Income 1) As if it was not bad enough for minorities, women are continuously judged for the things they can not help or change. Because of these belittling standards it makes it even harder on not only families of other races but the single mothers of other races. If a White mother cannot support a family on her own due to the wage gap then a women of a minority race cannot be expected to either. Equal pay for equal work should have nothing to do with color, if the work gets done and is right then what is the issue? Women of a minority race are no less than women or men of white decent. In fact the wage gap for minority women is almost double of their male partners in the work place. Because of these wage gaps families are being forced to choose between what their children need and how they are going to be able to give it to them. For some it means picking up another job which makes it even harder for a family to be obtained and taken care

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