Sexism In Beauty And Beauty

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In the Disney animated classic, “Beauty and the Beast”, there is a scene where Gaston is talking to Belle and he takes her book away and says to her, “It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting ideas…and thinking..” Gaston saying this wasn’t even the part that is wrong with the entire picture; it’s the fact that the entire village agrees with him because women reading was not something women should be doing back in that day. Women were seen as cookers, cleaners, and the ones who bore children. When it comes to how sexism harms the self, in class we’ve talked about how it can cause emotional and physical harm. Emotionally, sexism can cause depression and make women feel like they’re worthless and how they’re not good enough. Just from a man telling me I’m not good enough hurts on a personal level. Eventually the emotion can turn into depression that could lead to suicidal thoughts. Another way it can harm the self is that women could feel that they can’t be independent and that they need a man by their side to depend on which gives men even more of a reason to be sexist. Physical harm to the …show more content…
R., 2011) An example of Rochat’s statement in sexism, parents give boys boy toys such as trucks, action figures, and guns and girls are given girl toys such as Barbies, baby dolls, and kitchen sets. What parents don’t realize is that this is the start of teaching their children sexism. Like Rochat said, children are born with minimal awareness and children depend on their parents to teach them what is right and that’s all they know. Little do parents realize is that they are basically raising their children to be sexist because they give girls girl toys and boys boy toys. Parents should raise their children by letting them play with a wider variety of toys to play with so they can find their own interest and develop their own sense of

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