Essay on Sex Is The Most Vital Part Of Any Sexual

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We all like sex. Sex is one of our many primal instincts. It is the reason we are all here. Sadly, in modern society, sex is often misused. Some people use sex as an outlet to express themselves, while other may use it purely for pleasure. No matter the use of it, to have sex there must be consent. Consent is the most vital part of any sexual relation, likewise, it is the difference between going out to a bar and being behind bars. People get in trouble when they rush into sex and forget about the consent. Frankly, sex without consent is both unenjoyable, and a crime punishable by law. Any rape victim can attest that intercourse is not enjoyable if it is unwelcomed. For example, I love a good cheese burger, but I do not want one shoved in my face. I want the freedom to consume it at my leisure. Likewise, nobody should be forced to have sex. Sex is the most personal of activities, and we should all get to choose if we want to have intercourse, and with whom we want to do it with. This rationale is not always respected, and rape still happens. Luckily, there are laws to punish rapists, and to give rape victims the justice they deserve. One may ask, “what constitutes rape? Well, rape is committed when a sexual act occurs and both parties do not, or cannot give genuine consent. When all people involved in any sexual activity consent to it, there is no problem. Inversely, if one person does not consent, then rape occurs. The University of Pennsylvania Law Review says “In an…

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