Analysis Of Rape Culture And The Problem Of Patriarchy By Robert Jensen

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In the article entitle “Rape, Rape Culture and the Problem of Patriarchy,” Robert Jensen discussed two key questions regarding of those people who are not only aware of rape but would like to end men’s violence against woman. Do we live in a rape culture, or is rape perpetuated by a relatively small number of predatory men? Is rape a clearly definable crime, or are there gray areas in sexual encounters that defy easy categorization as either consensual or non-consensual? Furthermore, Jensen explained the answer of this two questions which is Patriarchy meaning that men has the power over woman. The article is composed of usual stories about men’s violence and the reality of rape and rape culture critique by victim-survivors. First of all, what does rape means? According to the Free Advice Article, “Rape is any act of non-consensual sexual penetration (2016).” A person who rapes, can be either a male or a female. As it is related to the article of Jensen, it is said that not all men are rapist, however it does mean that if feminists want to …show more content…
According to the article, Social ethics for the caring society, rape culture is a phrase used to describe a society in which rape is common and in which acts that might contribute to rape go unchallenged. This doesn’t mean that if you asked around, people would approve of rape, or go around saying, “Yay rape!” Rather, it means that attitudes, norms, practices, and media normalize, excuse, or even encourage sexual violence. In a “rape culture,” women’s bodies are seen as sexually available, and that’s just part of business-as-usual. It also means that boys are brought up to feel entitled to have access to girls’ bodies and to believe that they have a right to cross boundaries they shouldn’t. This can have an impact on how seriously women are taken when they say no, and even influence their feelings about their right to say

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