Essay on Sex Is A Language Of Love And Commitment

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Having It Your Way Can we choose our own meaning of sex? No, we cannot choose our own meaning. No matter how we use sex, no matter what meaning we give it, outside of marriage sex is transformed into something much less than a gift. Sex is a language of undying love and commitment ‘for better or worse.’ I think people devalue the gift of sex because they think it is unimportant and think of it as another activity. Devaluing sex is the most thoughtful but least noticeable damage that occurs from sex outside of marriage. One consequence of dulling results from trying to care for ourselves. Either from the experience of being hurt or from a need to not be hurt, we can purposefully withdraw, repress and as a result dull the knowledgeable, the spiritual, and the emotional extents of ourselves in sex. The downside of concentrating mainly on the physical facet of sex is when we get married and yearn complete giving of oneself, we are unable of doing so. Because of training us to be sexual on a simply physical level, complete affection is hardly ever reached. Sex in marriage will be less than what it could be because of dulling.
Respect That Builds Self-Esteem The connection between self-esteem, sexual attention and activity is self-esteem is how we view ourselves. Sexual attention can be a make-out session or when someone is favorably checking out your body, those two things can make you feel very good about yourself. At that time, you may feel loved, acknowledged, and sexy.…

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