Sex Education Should Be Taught Essay

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Sex education is one of the most controversial topics taught in schools.There is a reason why when a sex scene comes on and everyone in the room stiffens in fear and avoids eye contact. The subject of sex itself is painfully awkward for both parents who don 't want to talk about it with their kids and the kids who hate to discuss it it 's their parents. The stories about parents who are outraged over the "vivid descriptions" of sex to their children is a staple to the school year. Sex ed does not have a compulsory standard, in fact only 22 states have it mandated and 13 require the information delivered be medically correct. The amount of sex education you receive depends on what state, city, town, and county you live in and that 's if you even get one at all. When an Ohio newscast attempted to find information on the sex education their state was receiving they found that there were no guidelines on what schools should be teaching, and most schools districts refused to talk about what they were teaching and when they were teaching it; the problem with this is that it 's all supposed to be public knowledge. This essentially means that two high schoolers from two different school districts could have completely different education.

On the other hand it is devenstantly easy to find out what children are not learning. Some states have purposely made it hard for proper sex ed to be taught. For example in Mississippi you are allowed to talk about contraceptives, but…

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