Sex Education Is The Best Requirement For Teaching Young People

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In the United States, there are approximately one-fifth of women will most likely become sexually assaulted, and one-third will be sexual predators.Sexually predators have been spread throughout communities and threaten the safety of children.They received information that 16% in schools and homes reports students were sexually abused by adults. Researchers predict young children and adolescents will either rape by teachers or parents at home. Predators and rapists are found raping other people’s children for pleasure or self-satisfaction. It includes raping their own children, as well. Because of this problem, people intends to have the state to create programs and provide sex education in institutions. The community believes teachers would educate students to remain abstinent and help limits sex offenders at schools.
Sex-education is the best requirement for teaching young people to learn protection and be aware of predators in the community. It also warns people about diseases. In health class, teachers will explain to students on how people contain diseases through intercourse or after being raped. They also inform that it will start signs by having a disease and spread through their bodies. Some of the sexually transmitted disease are fatal, which could affect their health. Sexually transmitted diseases are considerably contagious, but can be cured. Doctors will provide prescriptions and antibiotics, where it lessen effects in diseases. The Health Department…

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