Pros And Cons Of Abstinence Before-Marriage

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When does an adult reach the bias idealistic standpoint that abstinence, and waiting to get married is the peerless solution to avoid sex—did you? Rules of engagement are paramount when cause and effect are at a high risk of life-changing acts. According to a study conducted by Lawrence Finer, director of domestic research at the Guttmacher Institute, he states; 95% reported they had premarital sex (Finer PhD & The Guttmacher Institute, 2007). An outstanding statistic, or some would say a ‘war’ on another social distress. Alas, sex is clouted with negativity as suppose to a responsible loving act. Inclusive, what may delight us as adults we slap a taboo label instead of guidance with variables. In fact, sex is inevitable, a media induced decoy, …show more content…
The realistic probabilities of condoms and contraceptives may sway many young adults to say, no to sex, or not. [Objective data confirm that abstinence-until-marriage does not reflect American values. The median age of sexual initiation among Americans is 17 and the average age of marriage is 25.8 for women and 27.4 for men. This age difference clearly indicates a long time between sexual onset and marriage. In a major, nationally representative survey, 95 percent of adult respondents, ages 18 through 44, reported that they had sex before marriage. Even among those who abstained from sex until age 20 or older, 81 percent reported having had premarital sex] (Finer, 2007). No matter what parents want to believe, the obvious are the statistics that reflect this ideology of abstinence-only before marriage is not a finite solution. Whereas, I stand firm on not advocating premature sex. It is difficult to pin-point an acceptable time-frame. Reasonably, parents should prioritize their involvement during early years to allow them to flourish constructively to create comfort in an open dialog. In my opinion a trustworthy resolution as appose to an on-going turn of dismal events lacking precautions for safer sex. Having the opportunity to accept any given situation, and what works best to move forward logically, because it is a distorted view to allow impractical standards or an institution to weigh-in on the definition of marriage. That being said, it is a cultural broad belief, therefore the benefit lies in varying preventative measures. I would change the slogan from, “Just Say No to Sex” to “Maybe? But first! Let’s Talk About It… I’m Guarded by Common Knowledge, Armed with a Rubber as Common Sense to Avoid the Slush Pile of Bleak Statistics!” Perhaps, a tad winded for a catchphrase,

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