Sex Appeal: an Effective Tool for Advertising Essay

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Sex Appeal: an effective tool for Advertising Introduction
Advertising, the business of drawing public attention to goods and services (, in today's competitive market, is often assisted by sex appeal. Likewise, an attribute of sex in advertising is that imagery used typically may have no connection to the product being advertised. However, the purpose of such imageries is to solely drag the attention of the potential customer or user. Sex appeal in advertising is often considered as one of the effective tools for attracting consumers' attention and has become more and more important to some advertisers for the same reason.

From different studies on the history of advertising it is found that Sex has been
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8. Lowenbrau: (centre) this advertisement taken from a hoarding board at Koteswor, Kathmandu has a nude (from waist up) women sleeping at the focus. It has used sex appeal as a tool for advertising.
Now let us compare above advertisements with four different bases: nudity, creativity, message carried and degree of sex appeal.
• In first case, the ad has a nude man and a nude woman very closely attached to each other. But more creativity is used in hiding their sexual organs and that draws people's attention towards coffee beans when they imagine more of the image. It provides a message that this coffee can generate more heat when one drinks. Here the degree of sex appeal used is high compared to other ads.
• In second case, the ad has a nude man and bare legs of a woman. Since the image too suggests total nudity, it is considered successful in drawing people's attention. Also, it has higher degree of appeal. But the message carried is very hard to retrieve and doesn't directly connect with the product being advertized. The product, vacuum cleaner is placed at the side which viewers don't take care of.
• Likewise, in third case, the ad uses nudity which doesn't match much with the message carried and the nature of product being advertized. However, more than being appealing it catches the attention of people at first sight. There is very less creativity

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