Sex : A Natural History Essay

1398 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Have you ever wondered how we, as humans, developed our sexual tendencies? Or perhaps you have wondered why and how it is that humans across the globe are generally attracted to certain traits in potential partners despite differences in culture. There are countless questions that people may have about sex, flirting, dating, love, and any other subcategory that falls under personal relationships – these same people may often find it difficult to ask the questions that they have been harboring. Sex is such a taboo topic in America, which unfortunately means that many of these questions go unanswered, leading to confusion, anger, or awkwardness in an individual’s sex life. Author Joann Ellison Rodgers released her book, “Sex: A Natural History”, in 2002; in her book, Rodgers addresses topics that we all have questioned at one point or another. She breaks down the evolution of sex as we know it today and demonstrates for the reader the “what’s”, “how’s”, and “why’s” behind humankind’s sexual nature. In “Sex: A Natural History”, Rodgers examines the ways in which humans express our sexuality through our preferences, urges, mating techniques, and much more as well as the biology, physiology and psychology behind why these things are the way they are. Not only does Rodgers focus on human sexuality, patterns and preferences, but she frequently compares humans to animals as well. I found that in almost every chapter, there was a comparison between human sexuality and animal…

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