Alfred Kinsey On Human Sexuality

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Simon Sealey
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Thinking about human sexuality and how much it has progressed through the years one person is due for the thanking. Alfred Kinsey was pioneer in the research of human sexuality and how the world understands it. Sex in the United States has become a sore and uncomfortable subject in our society and in the 1900s it was worse. Today we have a better construction of feminism, genders, orientations, sexual intelligence, etc. all do to the fact that Kinsey stepped out of the social norm to prove a message to all American’s and future people who studied his work. Kinsey paved the way for more sexual education in today's society. Throughout Kinsey life when he faced strong religious conflicts his love for science would
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His work got praised and hated very strongly. People didn’t such a high percentage of men who masturbate, couples who have sex before marriage, even younger boys having sex with farm animals. The shocking results to them brought outrage to Kinsey even a congressional investigation. Most families felt the textbook was tainted young children minds. It was the truth that many families did not want to believe. This really was the moment when human sexuality education started to change. It’s still far from perfect but, it’s a start of a change that the world needed. The material that Kinsey covered was highly taboo at the time which raised so many eyebrows. The material that Kinsey covered was something changed view points on today as in homosexuality and the female anatomy. As his researched showed that those that were looked down upon doing their lifetime for who they are isn’t something that in not normal. Just because of the standards set by society and how we blindly followed them to oppress the LGBT and woman. Though people viewed Kinsey as a pervert and a psychopath some people thought of him as the one of the smartest scientists of his time. Against his work or not the amount of work him and his team was able to do in their lifetime was very impressive. Though looking through some different perspectives of someone who lived in that time who wasn’t exposed to those sorts of topics it could …show more content…
She published the book “Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud (1990)” even though this was after Kinsey death it just proved how controversial his studies were. Reisman blames Kinsey's work for "the skyrocketing incidence of all the social pathologies afflicting us today: divorce, abortion, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, illegitimate births, cohabitation, pornography, homosexuality, sadomasochism, rape, child molestation, sexual crimes of all types, family breakup, endemic violence,

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