Seth And Shania 's Interview On The Nasw Code Of Ethics Essay

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Seth and Shania’s Interview on the NASW Code of Ethics My second video interview has shown me a significant amount of strengths that I have learned in class, while realizing that I still have room for improvement. After doing the final interview in SW 220 I realized that, if I continue to listen to myself on video, I can become efficient within the interviewing role. While Shania and I have a great understanding about the NASW code of ethics, I felt that she was able to relate to her personal experiences more than I could. I enjoyed listening to how she perceived the code of ethics because of the encounters that she faced while being a CNA for three years and her role in the USRH on campus. By comparing this interview to the first one, I was able to see how I interact with an individual that shares similar thoughts, while giving feedback about how I felt in different situations.
Observations about Shania While interviewing there are several techniques that the interviewer has to be aware of such as non-verbal communication, tone of voice, and their body language. Many people think about listening and hearing what an individual has to say when thinking about a typical interview looks like. Chang, Decker and Scott (2009) explain that being a good observer increases what the individual is trying to say and helps you pick up on clues that you may not notice just by listening to the audio. When I was interviewing Shania I realized that she was very calm about explaining her…

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