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Trends are always changing and with changes in human services, it affects our economic and political events. Service delivery will have to keep up with the economy’s growth and changes. With that said, the government will need to adjust with the economy. The elderly and diversity in America’s future will have the largest impact to human service delivery, but one of the newest trends is terrorism with 9/11 and now ISIS.
Service delivery is formed by clients’ needs and funding for organizations, typically come from the state. The government determines who will receive, what services, what way the client may be served which influences resources and funding. Due to the economic changes since 9/11 most states are in
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& McClam, T. 2011). Meeting these needs will require more spending in healthcare, housing alternatives, employment issues, leisure and environmental opportunities. Not eliminating the bigger picture income assistance an enormous aid to human service delivery. For instance in New Jersey, “The Division of Aging Services administers federal and State-funded services and supports and makes it easier for seniors and caregivers to live in the community as long as possible with independence, dignity and choice,” (The Department of Humans Service, New Jersey, 2013).” Looking on the bright side, is that the healthier elderly will want to continue working perhaps part-time or volunteering within the human service field.
“The world has become a global village”, can be applied to the United States. The country has become a safe haven for all cultures, ethnic groups and tribes. Every part of the world is represented here making it a country of diversity. Providers must work within some ethical standards to meet all clients’ needs. Emphasis on needs on diversity in a larger sense in that, there are values that need to be respected, attitudes and opinions. Diversity is not only on the ethical and racial division but also in religion. Again, I may say that most of the world’s religions are all represented here in some way. Religious differences can cost both the state and federal a large lump sum amount of money to maintain peace

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