Jeffrey Dahmer's How To Spot A Serial Killer

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What drives people to murder? Or more specifically why people commit serial murders? Why do serial killers only target victims with certain traits? Two of the most famous serial killers are Patrick Wayne Kearney and Jeffrey Dahmer. These two vicious murderers demonstrated two different types of serial killers. This report will cover what drives serial killers to kill.
According to criminologists in How to Spot a Serial Killer there are two ways to categorize serial murders. They are categorized by motive and trying to obliterate a social pattern (Woollaston, Victoria). The motive killer is much like Jeffrey Dahmer, Dahmer only killed young males. In his upbringing, he dealt with young men bullying him. His motive was to get back at
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In a parenting class I learned that if babies are neglected during infancy they don't develop correctly. Sociologist Marrie Freeman also claims this. She stated that children develop their personality during infancy. If they are neglected, they will not develop traits such as self control (“The Psychology of a Serial Killer”). Along with neglect comes abuse. Many serial killers were abused in their childhood according to criminologist. Sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence causes some victims to have rage when they become adults. The rage causes sexual impulses and could result in them becoming sexual offenders. Numerous serial killers are sexual offenders as well (Methvin). It is a ripple effect. If one is brought up being abused or sexually abused, they are more prone to become the victimizer. Which is the case for abused serial killers. Although evidence proves neglect and abuse cause serial killers, Berit Brogaard offers a different perspective. Brogaard, specialist in philosophy of mind, offers the idea that some serial killers are naturally born psychopaths. (“The Making of a Serial Killer”). Some people are born with mental disorders that cause them to become serial murders. There are different ways serial killers start their journey to becoming slaughterers before

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