Serial Killers And The Crime Scene Essay

1642 Words Nov 28th, 2015 7 Pages
Serial killers are defined as people who commit three or more murders, with a cooling off period that could last anywhere from days to years. Serial killers, regardless of their preferred method of murder, have an ultimate uncontrollable aggression that drives their need to kill. What mainly differentiates serial killers from the well-adjusted individuals in society is the inability to control aggression. Everyone has the ability to murder and some even have the same dark fantasies as serial killers, but they can distinguish a fantasy from reality and right from wrong. Psychology is an enormous factor in criminal profiling. The behavior of the criminals can usually be determined by what is left at the crime scene and even what is not left at the crime scene. The FBI has three main categories for serial killers, organized, disorganized, and mixed. A disorganized and organized killer can be categorized by what is left at a crime scene, the victim, and the crime scene itself. If a body is found in public, this tells investigators that the killer is disorganized, where as a well hidden private disposal would hint towards an organized killer. A victim who appears to have been blind sided by an attack indicates a disorganized killer; however, a body that seems to have been held captive with restraint marks at the ankles and wrists would lean towards an organized killer. Sloppy crime scenes with abundant evidence are the work of a disorganized killer and neat crime scenes that lack…

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