Serial Crimes: A Case Study

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Serial crimes have been on the ascent over the recent years. The quantity of reported cases of individuals found to have been killed in puzzling ways has commanded news headlines around the world. Serial offenders have a propensity of redundancy of the same crimes. There are certain factors which are believed to be the motivating variable of serial offenses.
Gary Leon Ridge who is also known as the Green River Killer is an American serial killer. It is assumed that Gary could have murdered more than 90 women, the vast majority of whom were prostitutes he had sexual relations with. However, he just admitted to having killed 71 but the real conviction was for 48 murders.
The killings are believed to have started in 1982 when prostitutes were reported to vanish from time to time in King Country, a town in Washington. It is suggested that Gary would charm prostitutes into his home where he would have sexual intercourse with them after which he would choke them. The first bodies of prostitutes who had vanished would later be found at Green-River and consequently the name Green River Killer (Drury, 2012).
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The then Sheriff of King Area requested for a reevaluation of earlier introduced evidence (Welsh and Farrington, 2003). This was subsequent to presenting a development for DNA testing. When the examination was done, the results were a match with Ridgway's DNA found on the bodies of the victim. He was arrested and charged with serial homicides, where he admitted to having murdered 71 women (Hanson &Bourgon, 2005). Different reports indicate he could have murdered more than this number given and that he could have lost count. From the evidence presented, the prosecution secured the conviction of 48 counts of

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