Seoul : The Window Of South Korea Essay

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Seoul: The Window of South Korea
The definition of global city has changed over the years with various distinct changes in the world. Becoming a global city is something today millions of cities around the globe are in a race for. Globalization is a main component that showcases if a city is globally connected to other cities and the relationship it has with them. Seoul a city in South Korea that has redefined Korea’s image in the world is one that is in race to become global. It is a metropolis that is economical, socially moved Korea forward in the world. Unlike its counter-part North Korea in the Korean Peninsula, S. Korean has become more progressive and transformed itself into an industrialized city. Seoul’s connection to the world not only economically and socially but also culturally have enabled the city to grow into a global city. Seoul has been the center of attraction of Korea for centuries, and it’s important to analyze the historical reason it was chosen to become the capital of Korea. The history of Seoul ages back to 600 years, since it first became the focus of Korea in the 13th century when the General Yi chose it to become the capital of his empire. Another reason Seoul was chosen as a center-hub for Korea was because of its geographical location; it’s on the Han river which was a resource for people. During the coming ten years’ thousands of inhabitants moved into Seoul which resulted in making it a city. Korea after that became a nation under colonial…

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