Essay on Senses And Its Effect On Human Life

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Senses are a vital necessity in human life. Senses consist of sight, sounds, smell, tastes, and texture. A main function of the senses is to maintain homeostasis. There are two senses; general and special. “General senses are those with receptors widely distributed throughout the body, including skin, various organs and joints” ( ,Pg. 444). “Special senses have more specialized receptors and are confined to structure in the head, such as eyes and ears”( ,Pg.444). Over time, scientists have discovered that each little receptor places a different role. “A raw form in which these receptors send information to the brain is called sensation”( ,Pg 444). Sensation is the feeling you get when your body makes you aware of your surroundings. Perception is the way your body handles information. Receptors are categorized into five components; chemoreceptors, pain receptors, thermoreceptor, and photoreceptors. Chemoreceptors evolve from its root word chem, meaning it responds to chemicals. Pain receptors are self-explanatory. Thermoreceptors “sense temperature change” ( ,Pg 444). Last but not least, photoreceptors. These allow for you to have recognition to light change. “However, if the is another type of cell, its receptors potential must be transferred to a neuron to trigger an action potential” ( ,Pg 444). Your body reacts to different stimulations differently. When you, yourself becomes aware that is called a sensation. “A cerebral cortex is the one who interprets…

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