Sense And Sensibility In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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This page is taken from Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen , the famous author who lived the prosperity of the 18th century . Austen has a brave personality , she faced and dared the obstacles that her society sets to the 18th century’s women . She was the first women who published literary works under her name and as in her time that women supposed to be married and live under a
m a n ’s s h a d o w , s h e r e m a i n e d s i n g l e u n t i l s h e d i e d . A u s t e n w r i t e s s o m e o f u n f o r g e t t a b l e a n d w h a t should called masterpieces novels , such as Pride And Prejudice , Emma and Sense And Sensibility . One of her well-written novel named Pride and Prejudice is talks about the struggles and obstacles that face the person who falls in love but his pride prevents him to confess to the beloved . This page is the introduction to the novel , the main characters are Mr. and Mrs. Bennet who had a conversation about the new neighbor . The main setting is Mr. and Mr. Bennet ‘s house . The main them of this page is marriage. The language that used in this page shows the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet .
In this page , the author introduces the readers to some of the supporting characters of the novel who played an important role in the main character’s life , they are Mr. and Mrs.
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and Mrs. Bennet’s world , it is a balance that keeps the calmness and continuation of their marriage . Their conversation reflects the humor sense that Mr.Bennet has when he was talking about his wife’s nerve “They are my old friends”, it is a funny portraying to her nerves as long-lasting friends that he endures for twenty years . While the same conversation shows how Mrs.Bennet is highly concern about marring her daughters when she says “For Mrs.Long has just been here “she just yet heard the gossip and

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