Senioritis Speech

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Stanwood High School, the place I want to leave so badly but has taught me so much. I never thought senior year would be fast approaching and I would soon hear my name being called over the loud speaker to grasp the paper that we all work so hard for. There are many monsters I have battled through the course of high school, some I have walked away with a victory and others I have been defeated. I have lost all motivation in the last weeks of my senior year, while one day feels like one year. Being surrounded by fellow classmates that attend parties to smoke and drink has been one huge, jagged tooth monster constantly coming back to battle after I have fought and won time and time again. Picking the college I want to spend the next four years …show more content…
It’s gotten so severe I have stopped caring about what I wear to school, in the beginning of the year I would plan my outfits and actually try on my hair and makeup, now I throw pieces of clothing together tricking myself into thinking it matches and lathering some makeup on here and there. I remember coming into freshman year and hearing about senioritis, I didn’t think it was a real diagnosis. I thought all of the seniors were just over exaggerating about everything but senioritis does have a definition in the dictionary and now I know it is real because it’s happening to me. I have a huge fear of missing school even when I’m sick. My motivation to show up to my classes has gone down dramatically to where I don’t care if I miss a class or a whole day. I will have to continue on with this sickness until June 10th, this is not a battle I have any chance of winning. My alarm clock has become my enemy every morning around six o’clock when I hit the snooze button five times or even turn it off and risk being late to school. The one person who has been there to pry me out of bed in the morning or even let me skip is my mother. She is my enabler and knows the struggle of senioritis while my dad doesn’t give into my big blue eyes and pleading. In the future when this sickness hits again in my senior year of college I know there is no way to avoid this dreadful

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