Senior Research Paper : Oklahoma State University

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Senior Research Paper In my family, not m any people go to college, and the ones that have gone, made quite the living for themselves. It is so important to me that I got straight to a four year college and graduate on time so that I may be the first person to do so in my immediate family. Now, with that said, deciding on the right college for my specific taste is the challenging part. I need a feel of home, a wide selection of majors, and diversity in every field is very important to me. Oklahoma State University is where I originally wanted to go to school, however the University of Oklahoma has caught my attention as well. I would like to go into college feeling comfortable with the university, people, and town; so that I am assured that my choice in college was correct. Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma both have exceptional advantages in academic studies, social activities, athletics, diversity in majors, and calm-college spirited environments in which students, like me are drawn to. When deciding on a university that exceeds your expectations, it is very important to consider the history of said college to truly choose the college perfect for oneself. The history of Oklahoma State University (OSU) originated from the name “Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College (OAMC), and was established on Christmas Eve in the year of 1890 when Governor George W. Steele signed legislation establishing the college in Payne County. The University…

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