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The second problem is that we don’t have enough donated organs, not only in the U.S. but in other countries as well. According to the united Networks for organ sharing website accessed January 25 2013 there are currently 117,000 people on the waiting list for a transplant. However the U.S. Department of health website accessed January 25, 2013 only 79 people get transplants a day. In a Guardian article from May 28, 2012, it states that data from the World health Organization shows that 107,000 solid organ transplants occurred in 95 member states in 2012, both legally and illegally. Even if we had all the worlds’ organs we would still be 10,000 short.

Now that we have looked at the two major problems of the black market organ trade we can now look at two of the major causes. The first major cause is money and the second major cause is laws.

Let’s begin with money first. When you get a transplant whether it be legal or illegal you have to pay a price for it. An article states that kidneys are the most expensive at $262,000 followed by the liver at $157,000 next is the heart at $119,000 is only a tenth of the price of having one done in the U.S. which costs around one million dollars.

The second major cause of the black market organ trade is the laws we have in place. In the previously mentioned Guardian article, Louis Noel a World health Organization official states
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