Donald Trump Personality Analysis

• Extraversion-talkative, sociable, and tendency to have a dominant style
• Gullible - easily fooled: quick to believe something that is not true.
• Narcissism – self-love, selfishness, and often has problems feeling empathetic toward others.

The Washington Post interviewed psychologist to determine how Donald Trump attracts supporters and their characteristics (personality) traits. From a psychologist perspective, Trump supporters are individuals that like people who talk big, people who tell them that their problems are simple and easy to solve (even if there not), and they like people who look like them. In February of 2016, Trump won his third caucus by winning the state of Nevada, which placed him as a top contender for the
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The three personality traits (extraversion, gullible, and narcissism) were selected base on Trump behavior in interviews, speeches, and from social media post. Though Trump isn’t clinically diagnosed as a narcissist, his demeanor of self-love, selfishness, and lack of empathy says otherwise. Trump possesses the extraversion trait, due to his talkative, social, and dominant conversations, especially when debating on why he’ll be a better president than his opponents. The one trait that describes Trump and his followers are their gullibility trait, which Trump’s supporters displays on social media. It’s interesting to see this kind of trait because Trump is gullible in believing his own statements when he speaks to his supporters. For example, after his win in Nevada Trump addressed his supporters stating “I love the poorly educated...” as they continued cheering in agreement. Once media outlets were aware of his statement they posted articles on social media platforms like Facebook and his supporters instantly defended his statement. The following week, according to Gold (2016) on Facebook, Trump Had nearly 50 million interactions about him and 12.4 million people talking about his recent statement (par. …show more content…
Sanders extraversion trait allows him to easily mobilize young voters through his grassroots efforts. His experience gives him an advantage to connect with people who share the same personality traits. When observing Sanders personality trait on social media, he demonstrates a dominant style of a person who’s ready to take action and get things done. Sanders has caused much buzz on social media, during a debate he received the most retweets after his Hillary Clinton email scandal comment. Sanders campaign tweeted his comments and encouraged supporters to donate to his campaign, which raised $1.3 million within hours after the debate. Also, It’s safe to say that Bernie Sanders is pulling the same young voters through grassroots efforts as President Obama did in 2008 and 2012. There’s no doubt that women voters are not sticking to the status quo and are creating their own revolution for the 2016 presidential election. During the New Hampshire caucus Bernie Sanders won 70 percent of the vote among women under the age of 45, which stunned feminist activist Gloria

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