Violence Against Women Research Paper

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This assignment is about woman right which objected in violence against women. This topic chosen because violence against woman still exist until now no matter where we live, what time, in which relationship. Since the violence against women still exist that is why so many people especially women fighting for their own right to deserve better life and better position as same as men and in this assignment, there will also some evidence, analysis, problem solving,and recommendation, and self reflection. The purpose of this assignment is to inform and describe about women right in detail and specify into a single problem which also a major problem which women face until now.
From this assignment we hope that can solve the solution
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From the definition itself, women fight for their justice and have protection against law. One of the women problem that they face until now is violence against women. Based on wikipedia, violence against women can be defined into an inequality of power in relationship between men or girl which men trying to drag and force down girl into lower position compared with men( This case is one of the most serious problem until now because the growth of violence against women in the world still high and so many people trying to get the same equality as men and they against violence.
Violence against women can be form into rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, prenatal sex selection, mob violence, female infanticide, reproductive coercion, and many more. This cases lead so many activist of women right lead a demo to give aspiration of women right freedom.
There is a real case about a couple, husband and wife which the husband kill his wife because of the wife laughing at him. It happen in Emerald Princess Cruise Ship from Seattle
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This case is should not happen in that way just because a small things. Its hard to believe that a men easy and short minded to kill a women which is have a position in his live such as his wife.
From all above, I learn so many things about equity of women and men. We live in this world together as men and also as women. From the story all the things we know how hard is women fighting for their right as same as men which since past until now, women always got injustice. Based on the things above I strongly agree if women must have equality and equity same as men because women deserve good right and also must be equal as men. As a women my opinion support me and also support any women in the world because we are a women, we will be a mother, we are strong, and also we are not a men’s slave. Any discrimination must be delete against women.
From the murder case above I learnt that men are not perfect and also make mistake, but their mistake must be take seriously because we defend against our right to have same equity and equality and deserve justice among women in the world.

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