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Domonique B. Ayers
A Self Portrait
At the start of this course, I was informed that some of our exercises would be quite personal and would demand us to be introspective and honest. I made promises to myself. How I’d finish just as strong as I started, how I’d continue and be the best student I was able to be, how I’d make the best grade. Sadly I fear that I have failed yet again. Life is a funny thing. As a child you have all these brilliant goals, and towering dreams that feel as close as your fingertips. However as you grow, and make decisions, mistakes even, you begin to see that your dreams, while still attainable, are further than you once thought, and take more effort than you may be prepared to give.

This term, I started
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I am very funny. I don’t like being around people without having time to myself. I get along with everyone I meet. I am loved by many. I am insecure about my ability to fit in. I love music, and constantly learn about it. I procrastinate. I am very intelligent. I start things but struggle to finish them. I am in process!
So where do I see myself going henceforth? Lord willing, I will get past the terrible habit of procrastinating, and learn to manage my time better. I believe those are the biggest difficulties I have encountered in this term. Learning how to balance time for work, studying, reading, sleep, daily routines such as showering, getting dressed and having breakfast will greatly enhance my success in courses. I know that I have to overcome these hindrances, and that now is the opportune moment, the perfect time!
When I consider myself, where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m headed, I am doing well. I know that success in life won’t be easy, but I vow to never give up improving myself until I am satisfied with who I am. This will take me developing higher self-esteem, and also being more merciful towards myself while not growing complacent and settling under the bar. I am looking forward to finishing school, and having a successful career. Furthermore, I aspire to flourish at everything I touch in the future. I am Domonique Ayers, and this is my

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