Self Monitoring Study on How Sleep Affects Stress Levels Essay

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Can Obtaining Adequate Amounts of Sleep (between 8-9 hours) Reduce Stress Levels?
BPS Wellness Paper Individual Self-Study Write-Up

My identified issue is lack of sleep and high stress levels. I do not maintain a schedule that would allow for enough quality sleep. I am also experience stress levels that are high, and suspect that lack of sleep may be a source of some of this stress. I have difficulty falling asleep and occasionally staying asleep. As a result I am often fatigued and tend to crave high fat sugary carbohydrates and overeat on them, to maintain mood and energy.
Research Question
Can obtaining adequate amounts of sleep (between 8-9 hours of sleep) reduce stress levels?
My hypothesis is in order to lower my
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If I answered 2 it was a 3-4 stress level and if I answered 0-1 then it was a 1 stress level day.

Literature Review
In my literature review I will focus on the biopsychosocial factors in regards to stress and sleep. The amount of sleep one obtains directly affects their stress levels, and whether adequate sleep affects stress levels, and appetite. (Prinz, 2004). Apparently lack of sleep is a common experience as on average adults get less sleep than recommended. In the American Sleep Foundations 2005 Sleep Study, 42 % of Americans report poor or inadequate sleep and 43% report stress has contributed to sleep difficulties in the last month. That means that a minority of only 20% actually report excellent or very good sleep. In other words the majority of the American population are sleep deprived.
The average Americans received 6-7 hours of sleep per night when the minimum recommended is 7-9 hours. Clearly, as stress levels increase for individuals their corresponding sleep quality and quantity goes down. It becomes a negative feedback circle in which stress contributes to less sleep which contributes to more stress and so on. As research study done on workers in Stockholm demonstrated this as work stress, including work social stress rose so did the workers inability to get a good night’s sleep, feeling well rested and ability to get up in the morning.(Akerstedt et al., 2002a)
Those who slept less

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