Self Marketing Plan Essay

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Consumer Marketing Project-Bella Napoli
Robert Edwards, Hardy Anderson, and Larry D. Stephney
Park University
MK 351 Principles of Marketing
DR. Blaugrund, Erin Baca
December 13, 2012

The team of three students consisting of Robert Edwards, Hardy Anderson, and Larry D. Stephney visited Belle Napoli restaurant on November 15, 2012 as part of the MK 351 Principles of Marketing class, coordinated by our instructor DR. Blaugrund, Erin Baca. The purpose for our visit was to conduct detailed observation at a local restaurant to assist us in writing a seven to ten page summary of our findings.
Our team selected Johnny Carino’s restaurant located 675 Sunland Park Drive, El Paso, TX to compare to Belle Napoli. Both
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This would also create a hazard for the staff when they are serving patrons. Our recommendation is that an area be designated within the establishment that would cater to those with disabilities while maintaining the freedom of movement for others.
The lighting that the restaurant had was perfect for the type of establishment that it is. The dimly lit lights coupled with the authentic Italian scenery create the right atmosphere that is appealing for all types of patrons. It was not too bright or too dim. In saying that, we feel that the right lighting within the establishment helped with the meal presentation. It did not distract from the presentation and it was bright enough to accent the fullness of the meal. The staff could conduct their business and the patrons could see their menus without additional lighting. In addition to the lighting, the noise level was average for a restaurant. The staff communicated with one another without having to raise their voices, the patrons communicated at a normal tone, and the music in the background was at a good level.
The tables that we were seated at were placed in the middle of the room to accommodate the amount of people that were dining/observing. I believe that the owner stated that the area where we dined was the secondary area for special occasions/large groups. Because of the size of the tables the staff had limited movement behind the customers. In

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