Essay about Self discovery

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“I Need To Be Myself, I Can’t Be Anyone Else.”
“I was born to be true and not to be perfect,” Epey said in his speech. Epey is the winner of the trending segment in It’s Showtime – That’s My Tomboy. In this segment, they (lesbians) let me, the madlang people and the world to see their worth as a lesbian and as a human. They also made me believe that all of us can be accepted in the society beyond our imperfections, because no matter how imperfect we are, there are still things that we must be proud of and things that we must treasure – our abilities, skills, talents, and personalities and us, being true to ourselves, and our family, friends, and loved ones.
I am Joanne Mae Labio. I believe that there is no one who knows you so much but
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I am weak in grammar, or should I say, the English subject. I am weak in sports. I am weak in memorizing. But I know, to overcome these weaknesses, I just need to be industrious in practicing and working out with them. Unfortunately, that’s my biggest weakness – laziness. I don’t know why, but I’m really hard-headed and to lazy. Maybe when I grow up and mature more, I’ll realize the worth of being industrious. As of now, yes I know that it is important, but I can’t find ways to make myself work hard. No matter how hard I try, I can’t.
In being true and proud to myself, I really idolize those people that are once said to be worthless but now are rich and still stepping their feet on the ground. Going back to Epey, even though he is in the third sex, and considered before as a worthless people together with his co-lesbians or co-third sex, in the segment said above, he made me, the madlang people and the world believe that lesbians, or people in third sex are not worthless but someone who can be proud of, not because of their talents and skills, but because of who they are, what they do, and how true they are to themselves. They made me realize that everyone is not really perfect, thus, our goal in life is to be perfect in the eyes of others beyond our imperfections. I want to be like them, not like them as lesbians, but like them that are true to themselves, and proud of who and what they are because, it’s the point where you can say that you really

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