Self Discovery And Creative Thinking Essay examples

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Self Discovery in Solitude It is true that a picture holds a thousand words but sometimes one thousand words is too many, and it is more meaningful to be able to express your thoughts within a few hundred or less words. In the past week I have been writing a half/full page journal entry each night about what it means to be alone. During this process I realized that my time spent alone was minimal. This is unfortunate because spending time in solitude for self discovery and creative thinking is now hard to come across in a busy day. A lot of original and authentic thinking comes from when a person is left alone. Therefore it is essential to force solitude and breaks from others throughout one’s life. Embracing isolation is difficult when I am thinking about what other people are doing and what I am missing out on. In my journal I said, “Looking back, I realize that most of the tie I spent alone I was thinking of ways to be with other people, even though the solitude was beautiful it felt sad at the same time.” Being alone can feel depressing with the wrong mindset. It is hard to appreciate and enjoy my time alone if I am focused on what my friends are doing without me or why they cannot spend time with me. It is very easy to feel like my social life is the only thing that matters because those thoughts can be very loud. I wrote, “I do not feel so alone because my thoughts are so loud. I am only thinking of other people. If someone is totally alone, who do they think of?…

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