Self Directed Learning As A Learning Technique Essay

804 Words Aug 14th, 2015 4 Pages
Self-directed learning can be best described as a learning technique. This type of learning is controlled by the learner. The learner takes initiation for their own learning. In other words, the learner decides if they want to take part or not. In my opinion, I think self-directed learners are people who seek a structured agenda. They plan everything out from the beginning to the end. Not to mention, self-directed learning can be described as a method or a process. The process starts with initiation, planning, evaluating and completing all tasks. Basically, the learner wants to know what to expect and what the end results will be. This is a must have for many adult learners. They expect a certain amount of harmony to achieve tasks. Although self-directed learning is usually observed in adults; I believe that others can learn in different ways. More than that, I believe people have reasons for doing what they do. What I mean by that; is that you have to want to do something or learn something to make it happen. Let’s face it, not all adult learners are born self-directed learners; this is by choice. Indeed, motivation can be a driving force that makes a person pursues new learning. This can be a contributing factor that leads to being self-directed. On the other hand, motivation can come in many forms. This is a key element that has to come from the learner. However, there can be some drawback to this type of learning. Learning is an active force and the learner has to show…

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