Essay on Self Assessments For Soft Skills And Study Skills

2119 Words Dec 5th, 2016 9 Pages
After completing the self-assessments for soft skills and study skills there has been an improvement in the scores compared to when I first took the assessments in the beginning of the semester. The topic I scored highest on remained on “Discovering Self-Motivation.” This time though my score is letting me know that the choices I make will keep me on track. At the start of my semester I was having difficulties in building interest in the classes I was taking. This was due to the fact that I lacked an understanding of why I was taking the classes in the first place. I looked over the classes I was currently taking and knew that the courses I had were important toward my goal of graduating with a Health Science major. I built motivation by developing a plan and visualizing where I would be after I complete my courses. I make sure not to take any courses that will sway me from my goal to keep my drive forward. If I begin to lose focus, I am now able to use my future goals as ways to increase my motivation in class which will prevent me from quitting when times get difficult. My soft skill with the biggest difference would be “Mastering Self-Management.” I remember how I spent most of my time before I started “On Course.” Most of my time was wasted on activities that did not help me pursue my goals. When I had opportunities to study or read I wasted the time playing games or lounging around instead. This as well was connected to my motivation since back then I didn’t have…

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